Looking Out for Mom

This would be an example of a painting done with too many interruptions. Just couldn’t get into art mode. Granted it’s just an underpainting, but a poor one at that. I wouldn’t have bothered painting today, we just had so many contractors coming and going, but my studio feels so empty without a bunch of unfinished paintings lying around. I made a plan to start a painting every day, that way I have other things to work on while I wait for something else to dry, and it gives me works to lean up against walls and windowsills, and hang on random nails left by the previous owner, so that the studio starts to feel more like a studio.

Young Giraffe (29.5x42cm, 11.5x16.5in) Oil on Canvas Board
Young Giraffe (29.5x42cm, 11.5×16.5in) Oil on Canvas Board

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