Oh good, I thought maybe someone stole my idea…

I read this article about what looks like an iPhone in an old painting, and it made me remember this painting I did of various types of fruit. I couldn’t afford an apple (starving artist, after all), so I included a blackberry.

Still Life with Blackberry

It was a part of a series I did in college. The point being to paint a traditional style still life, but include an anachronism. I really should revisit the series, I quite enjoyed it. It also sums up my sense of humor pretty nicely. The annoying thing is having to collect all the still life objects to work from. Maybe I can get away with borrowing things from people instead?

This painting should have been in one of the boxes, but I don’t remember unpacking it. I’ll have to take another look. If it doesn’t show up, I wonder how much I can charge the insurance company for it’s disappearance?


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