Unpacking and Setting up the Studio

It’s been seventeen days since the container arrived, and I finally have the main room in the cottage looking like a studio. It’s been back breaking work, and I have an empty box of oxycontin to prove it.

I’ve managed to go from this…

Studio w Boxes

To this…


The bedroom in the cottage is too small for my queen sized bed, unless I want a wall-to-wall bed, so the bedroom will be a giant walk-in closet (awesome!). The bed will therefore need to go in the main room, so the easel and drafting tables are delegated to one side of the room. It’s still the largest space I’ve had to work in so far, so there shouldn’t be as many paint and solvent spills here.


The best part? The view out the window is of the Land Rover. It would be nicer if it was of some actual land, but Baby-Landy is usually covered in a layer of land anyway.

The best part of having the studio set up is easy access to all my supplies.

Shelves of canvas, draws of paint, and tubs of brushes. Now the trick is going to be stealing away enough time to make some art instead of being roped into unpacking all the boxes in the main house.

20160530_171240 20160530_171144 (1) 20160530_170934

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