Waterbuck in Water

Still working in mixed media. I was able to narrow down my supplies a bit with this work since it is on sanded paper and the tooth of which can hold more colored pencil.

I started with a wash of Derwent Artstics, when that was dry I went in with Derwent Artists Coloured Pencils, and finished with Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils. I would give you the name and brand of the paper, but it a cut-off scrap, but I’m pretty sure it’s Colourfix Suede. Oh, and I messed up my highlights as I am one to do, and had to fix them with some gouache, so throw that medium onto the list too.

Waterbuck in Water Study (25x25cm, 10x10in)
Waterbuck in Water Study (25x25cm, 10x10in)


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  1. Messed up your highlights, eh? It ended on a happy note, so I guess I will let this back-handed self-criticism slide 🙂

  2. PS: I want a like button!

  3. TheArtistAnastasia

    Well the messed up highlights is informational to artists… you know, so they know I’m not perfect, right?

    Like button… I thought I had that, where’d it go? Well, looks like I’m off to go dig around in my theme’s menus for a while again.

  4. TheArtistAnastasia

    Okay, one wordpress like button fixed. If you want a Facebook like button, you’ll have to complain louder. 😉

  5. TheArtistAnastasia

    Okay, got a Facebook like button working too. :p

  6. You are amazing with animals!!! Love!!

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