Wildebeest Watch, 102x76cm, Oil on Canvas

Wildebeest Watch, 102x76cm, Oil on Canvas

Dec 12, 2016 @ 6:00

I played around with the ground plane a little bit. I’m still not quite happy with the background, but not sure what needs done. I’ll probably put this on the back-burner for a while and come at it with fresh eyes later.


October 6th, 2016

I have recently dusted off the original painting and started working on it again, this time following my own path with no grades to worry about, and frankly I think it is turning out quite nicely. Some lessons we have to learn the hard way, never compromise your artistic vision, you might make the grade, but you’ll make yourself miserable, and your art even worse.

Keeping coming back to this post for updates on the painting until it’s finished.



March 7th, 2013

This is the painting that resulted from my professor’s advice. It no longer fit my vision, the looser crop introducing distracting dead space around the animals. I never finished it as I have a terrible time making myself work on pieces once they’ve gotten so far off track from my original concept. After graduating I tore it down and reused the stretchers. I will aways resent that professor for wasting so much of my time and ruining so many paintings trying to make me conform to her ideals.



March 6th, 2013

I created this painting in college with an intentionally tight composition, but my Professor at the time insisted that I zoom out and include the entire body of the mother wildebeest. Now I don’t know if you’ve been to art school or not, but it is generally held that you have to take your professor’s advice or they won’t give you a good grade. Of course, if you want to graduate, you have to get good grades, so I started the painting over in a horizontal format to include the mother wildebeest (shown above). This was not the first painting my professor’s advice had ruined, though, hence why I started it afresh instead of painting over the original, that way I could come back to it later.



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