Crested Barbet, 37×55, Mixed Media on Paper

Crested Barbet, 37×55, Mixed Media on Paper

Aug x, 2018

Jan 9, 2017 @ 06:00

Painting in oil will always be my passion, but every now and then an artist has to ‘switch it up’ to keep from getting bored. I’ve never been very good at watercolor but I’ve always meant to sit down and practice some day. Watercolor is much more portable than oils making it more feasible for the adventures across Africa I plan to go on once everything related to moving to Africa is finally done and dusted. With the intention of finishing a watercolor I started for my Ouma when all I had was watercolor (because my oils were on a ship somewhere in the Atlantic), I set myself up a watercolor working area. I then decided I’d rather paint the Crested Barbet. The painting seemed like it would be a nightmare to do in oil, but much easier in watercolor, hence the plan.


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