Cape Turtle Dove Friends

When we had a cold snap a few months ago there was a Cape Turtle Dove in the yard. I can’t remember why I was in the yard now, but I walked in it’s direction expecting it to fly away, but it just fluttered and staggered around. I walked up to it and picked it up quite easily. Feeling its wings and legs nothing appeared to be broken, but the bird was shivering in my hands and seemed quite happy snuggling into my palms for warmth. I brought it into the enclosed courtyard and set it down, it went and sat under a plant. I gave it a towel to sit on, and a bowl of bird seed and water. I didn’t take any pictures of it because I didn’t want to traumatize it an further. The next day it was flapping around in the courtyard and I had to catch it with a towel. I released it and it flew into the neighbors yard.


I never knew what became of it, but a few weeks ago a Cape Turtle Dove started coming up to my sliding door and peering inside. No bird has ever dared come under the carport to look through my doors before. I know it could be a completely different bird, but I like to think it is the same one I saved.


I leave some seeds out for it, and now it brings it’s mate, who stands a few feet back from the door as if to say “Are you insane? I’m not going that close to a human nest, get back out here!”


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